Seed and stone fruits

Red/Black Plum

Although its origin is found in China, it spread after its cultivation in Japan…

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Yellow Plum

It is a round fruit with a heart shape, medium-large in size. Its smooth skin…

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Nectarins Yellow Flesh

Currently world production is concentrated around the Mediterranean…

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Nectarins White Flesh

It is a medium-large sized fruit, with a smooth firm skin that has a…

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Peach Red Skin

The flesh is moderately firm and consistently .Its aromatic and juicy…

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Peach Yellow Skin

These start from a base of light yellow, and an over colour of red…

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Flat Peach

Is concentrated around the Mediterranean, with Spain being the…

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Flat Nectarin

Is concentrated around the Mediterranean, with Spain being…

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comes from Armenia, the country in which it has been grown…

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Was brought to Rome by the Roman general Lucolo, and from…

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The common pear tree that we know today has its origins…

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Tropical Fruit


Originating from Tropical America, its cultivation dates back…

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Once peeled, the pulp of the Canary Island banana takes on a whitish…

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The fruit is yellow in colour and slightly orange when fully ripe…

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Green asparagus

Green asparagus grows in direct sunlight; therefore chlorophyll develops…

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White Asparagus

At an organoleptic level, they are thick and have a straight firm…

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Hokkaido Squash

Also known as Potimarron is one of the so called winter squashes.

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Butternut Squash

Several ancient texts and it is known that it was also being cultivated…

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he gala variety originates from Israel. It is known by its…

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Here you can download the FuensanaBio production calendar in PDF format.

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