We are involved in the daily battle to maintain natural resources and social stability, in this way we can avoid damaging the natural systems. We are looking for a way to satisfy the needs of current generations without jeopardising the abilities of future generations.


As a contribution to development of the rural areas where we produce our fruit and vegetables, we have a policy of hiring staff that takes advantage of their experience in terms of knowledge of environmental agriculture that veterans in the sector already have, in order to educate new generations which are lacking in this knowledge. It is important to fight to maintain the rural nucleus.


Ecological production is based on natural methods, using natural resources; those that put back fertility in the soil without the use of pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified seeds, in order to maintain a natural product in all its integrity.If we are talking about the flavour, aroma and colour of ecological products, we can see that they are more intense. This is due to the fact that the product absorbs the sun’s energy, plus the nutrients from the ecological soil where there are an endless numbers of microorganisms as well as the water necessary for the plant, in the correct weather, thus completing its natural cycle.Vitamins and minerals also increase when comparing them with the fruit and vegetables produced by conventional agriculture.

Social Commitment

Fuensana Bio,S.L is committed to social and employment integration for people with disabilities or high risk of social exclusion, making them part of our working team. For this reason, we collaborate with Aprosuba Montijo, an association that facilitates direct access to hire these people and it also provides the uniforms for the workers. Our commitment with the rural development of our region motivates us to keep fighting against the social barriers to bring Our Ecologic view around the world.

Our agricultural practices are environmentally friendly

Our agricultural practices are environmentally friendly, within a frame of social responsibility. We should leave future generations an environment that is in better conditions that as we know it today.