Organic fruit and vegetables


Seed and stone fruits

Uncover the real traditional flavour.

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Tropical Fruit

Discover our most exotic varieties.

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Familiarize with the flavours of the land.

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healthy food

Our objective is to obtain healthy food of the best nutritional quality without chemical substances, because it can help us to remain strong in the face of illness, strengthening the immune system and improving fertility.

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ne of our most important objectives is to assure the consumer of a product that is healthy, natural and safe, something which we achieve thanks to a system of information traceability that we have put into place.

  • BioSuisse
  • BRC Food
  • Nurture
  • IFS
  • GlobalGAP
  • Organico Brasil
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Our agricultural practices are environmentally friendly, within a frame of social responsibility. We should leave future generations an environment that is in better conditions that as we know it today.

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Dedicated to cultivating ecological fruit and vegetables since the year 2000, the group of producers decided to join together in 2012 under a common framework, Fuensana Bio, within which we share a life philosophy and common principles.

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