Biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture works hard to revitalise the land and plants. To fertilise the earth means that it creates further life and fertility.


It is important to revive natural fertility, that is to say, to intensify the vitality of the earth. Biodynamic cultivation aims to reach an elevated productivity, but to achieve this without plants and animals having to pay for it with degenerative phenomenon, which are the results of intensive farming. Additionally, with constructive measures we are trying to renew these weakened or exhausted reserves of life forces.Incomplete knowledge of the laws of life explains the origin of forced crops, which provide hypertrophied vegetation through use of exaggeratedly nitrogenised fertilisers.


Our products come from farms that experience the living world. They activate the agricultural organism and they open it so it can receive Cosmic Influences. Through collection, mixing, burying, recovering and pulverising silica preparations, cow manure and grass fertiliser, we connect our souls with the earth, plants and animals. This in turn is reflected in the quality of the final product.
For Fuensana Bio, respect for the basic principles of bio dynamics is fundamental,
The countryside is a living being that has a natural balance, which should be maintained closing the cycles of nutrients in the countryside itself and minimising entrants into the system. In other words, intervention by man should not alter the natural biological balance of the countryside; rather man should be inclined to preserve the existing balance.
Plants are exposed to the light that comes from the sun, the moon and the planets, of which all have cycles and regular rhythms. Understanding these cycles and their influences we can programme the different activities and agricultural tasks using the biodynamic calendar, and in this way we can achieve a better quality of product.
The interrelation of the mineral realm, vegetables and animals all benefit from using biodynamic homeopathic preparations.

To energise and vitalise the earth, we use biodynamic preparations that are made from organic and mineral elements, which are added to the compost through different periods of the year.

Animales Finca
Animales Finca
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To increase the nutritional value of our fruits and other products, value that isn’t found only in its material properties, we use six vegetable preparations, which are mixed with compost and two non-vegetable preparations that are crushed over the soil and plants. This is not only about activating microorganisms, like that of bacteria, but about concentrating principally on life forces.preparadosThere are six preparations to add to the fertilizer and two to be crushed. The first serve to embellish and revitalise all the fertilising materials that the earth, plants and animals can supply. On the other side, the preparations that are crushed should be applied directly above the soil and above the plants, and serve to complement the fertilisers applied in large amounts.
They are aids to vitalisation that notably affect the growth and the quality of the plants. To obtain the desired success, it is essential to use all the preparations with care. biodinamicoAl 500 (Estiércol de vaca). Estimula la captación de energía telúrica y mejora el enraizamiento.
500. (Cow manure) Stimulates the capture of terrestrial energy and improves rooting.
501. (Crystalized silicone) Stimulates the absorption of cosmic energy.
502. Yarrow (Achilleamillenfolium) Acts with the forces of revitalisation (Venus).
503. Chamomile (Martricariachamomilla) Acts across the forces of structuring (Mercury).
504. Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Acts with constructive forces (Mars).
505. Oak (Quercuspubescens) Associated with curative forces (The Moon).
506. Dandelion (Taraxacumofficalis) Acts through the forces of sensitivity. (Jupiter)
507. Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis) Crushed over the compost valerian forms a protective layer of warmth and favours the development of all the preparations, offering a stimulant power.

Ecological agriculture

Ecological agriculture is an agricultural system of production that excludes in a generic way the use of fertilizers and synthetic pesticides

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