Hokkaido Squash

Health benefits of Hokkaido Squash

  1. It is Antioxidant
  2. It is rich in Beta Carotene
  3. It strengthens the immune system
  4. It regulates blood sugar levels
  5. It improves elimination of mucus
  6. It is used in slimming diets
  7. It helps to prevent Cancer
  8. It aids digestion
  9. High content of potassium

Hokkaido Squash

Originally from Southern Asia, it is mentioned in several ancient texts and it is known that it was also being cultivated by the Hebrews and the Egyptians.Its consumption spread from Asia to Central America, and from there, it arrived as far south as the north of this continent. However, it wasn’t until the 15th century when the Spanish introduced the squash to Europe, where it spread to a greater extent to those countries with a warmer climate. The scientific name of the Hokkaido variety is "Cucurbita Maxima”.The Hokkaido variety of squash, also known as Potimarron is one of the so called winter squashes. Its fine peel is redder in colour than other squashes and the flesh is firmer and sweeter with high water content. Its flavour is reminiscent of the chestnut.

Product available all year round.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

  • Fiber - 1,5g
  • Potassium - 223mg
  • Magnesium - 13mg
  • Calcium - 27mg
  • Vitamin C - 14mg
  • Calories 27,3
  • Carbohydrates - 5,4g
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