Health benefits of Physalis

  1. It is useful in eye diseases helping to regenerate the optic nerve
  2. It contains vitamin C
  3. It helps to improve sore throat
  4. It helps to improve diabetes
  5. It cleanses the kidneys
  6. It helps to cleanse the bloodstream.
  7. It is used in prostate treatment
  8. It is used in some cases of Hypoglycemia


Originating from Peru, it was consumed by Native Americans and later spread to Europe across the trade routes and via the colonizers in the 18th century. Its scientific name is "Physalis Peruviana”.The fruit is yellow in colour and slightly orange when fully ripe, with a brownish calyx. It has a light sweet and sour flavour which is reminiscent of the tomato although with less acidity.

Product available twelve months of the year.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

  • Fiber - 4,8g
  • Potassium - 154mg
  • Magnesium -7mg
  • Calcium - 15mg
  • Vitamin C - 11mg
  • Calories 54
  • Carbohydrates - 13,1g
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