Health benefits of Pear

  1. It is diuretic
  2. High fibre content
  3. It lowers blood arterial pressure
  4. High folic acid content
  5. It is a rich source of vitamines A, B1, B2, C y E
  6. It reduces cholesterol level
  7. It protects cardiovascular system
  8. High calcium content
  9. It purifies the blood.


The common pear tree that we know today has its origins in Afghanistan from where it later spread to the rest of the world, creating new different varieties.Its scientific name is "Pyrus Cummunis”. The principal zones of production are those which have a warm climate, where this fruit tree grows best. The fruit is medium to large in size, with a symmetrical triangular shape and a small core. The skin is smooth, and can be fine or thick, depending on the variety. The skin can be shiny and greenish in colour or a greenish yellow. The white flesh has a high regular consistency with a great capacity for preserving. The fruit has an excellent flavour and its crunchy flesh is very pleasant on the palate. It is aromatic and juicy. It also has a high sugar and water content.

Product available from the beginning of June until the end of November.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

  • Fiber - 3,1g
  • Potassium - 190mg
  • Magnesium - 7mg
  • Calcium - 9mg
  • Vitamin C - 4,2mg
  • Calories 58
  • Carbohydrates - 10,2g
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