Nectarine White Flesh

Health benefits of Nectarine White Flesh

  1. Low calories content.
  2. It protects the skin.
  3. High water content.
  4. It improves intestinal transit.
  5. It helps to regulate body´s metabolism.
  6. It prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  7. It is used in slimming diets.
  8. It is a natural anticancer agent.
  9. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels.
  10. It is refreshing.

Nectarine White Flesh

Without a concrete date of origin, it is believed that it appeared at a similar time to the peach, more than 3000 yearsago in China. From there it was brought across the ancient trade routes to Persia, where it received its scientific name "PRUNUS PERSICA VAR NECTARIN”. Currently world production is concentrated around the Mediterranean basin area. It is a medium-large sized fruit, with a smooth firm skin that has a spectrum of colours. These start from a red base, ranging to intense reds all over. It is very elegant, depending on the variety. The flesh is white in colour with a consistent firmness, with less capacity for preserving than the yellow nectarine. The flesh is sweeter than of the yellow nectarine, because its content of Brix degrees is higher. Lower levels of acidity and high water content means that this fruit is very juicy.

Product available from the middle of May until the middle of August.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

  • Fiber - 1,6 g
  • Potassium - 212mg
  • Magnesium - 8mg
  • Calcium - 5mg
  • Vitamin C - 5,4mg
  • Calories 49
  • Carbohydrates - 11,78 g
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